Integrated Kiosk Solutions

Automate your Passport Process

Directly transmit photos from your camera to your Software

No cables or Camera cards !

With these kits you can have your photos sent directly from your camera to ID Passport Express using wifi. Eliminating damage to cameras from staff constantly putting camera cards in and out, and saving time and hassle whilst promoting a professional appearance.

Typically the Wifi connections work at up to 30m, meaning that staff can even take the passport in another room, and by the time they have walked over to the PC, the images will already be on the PC ready for processing.


How it works:

When a photo is taken on the camera, the camera uses Wifi to connect to the Wifi hub, it then automatically transfers the image across to the PC or Kiosk, where the Biometric passport software automatically finds it and loads the image ready for processing. You can send multiple images at the same time, so entire families who require passports can be photographed and their images will be transfered for processing.

Complete Wifi and Passport Camera Package

All you need to get started

  1. Wifi Passport Camera
  2. Secure Wifi Hub connected to PC
  3. ID passport Express Passport Automation software
  4. Optional Passport Photo printer
  5. Shoot, and the images are sent to the Biometric passport software which automatically sizes, crop and rotates images ready for printing.

Camera Conversion Kit

Wifi camera card (SD)

  1. Automatically sends any image taken on the camera directly to the PC.
  2. ID passport Express will Automatically load the new images as they arrive on the PC ready for Processing
  3. Optional Secure Wifi Hub available with the package if required.

Kodak Kiosk Wifi camera Add-on

Add Wifi to your existing Kodak Tablet Kiosk System

  1. Wifi Passport Camera
  2. or Wifi Camera conversion kit for your existing camera
  3. The Wifi Camera system works seamlessly with your kiosk kit, adding to the Smartphone and camera cards that your system excells in.