Subscription Renewal

How to Renew Your Subscription

Please contact us and we will call you and remotely login, doing any necessary updates, help with any issues, and load the renewal code.


To renew please email :

or Call 09 415 6373

(+64 9415 6373 if outside NZ)

Subscription renewal costs $225 + tax p.a. with a bonus 3 months if renewed before the expiry date.

About Subscription and Updates renewal

ID Passport Express has a life-time licence, the software will continue working indefinitly unless you install a version that was released after your subscription had expired.

We include a year's subscription with the initial purchase of the software. At the end of this period you can choose whether to renew the subscription, or continue using the version you have when the subscription expires.

Updates ensure that your software remains compliant with changes to the Biometric algorithms as the ICAO changes global definitions, it also adds new formats, and updates criteria for passports/visas etc that have been changed.

Updates also include changes to the software that make it compatible with any Windows updates and new Windows versions. Without a subscription you will need to be wary of Windows updates that could result in the software for the older versions ceasing to function. (old versions of our software are not re-programed to account for any issues caused by third party software changes).

Updating your subscription before the expiry date will ensure you get a bonus 3 months subscription from the date that your subs were due to expire. (ie 15 months instead of 12)

Support and telephonic support is free to sites with a valid subscription. This includes remote support and training.
(on-site support, and support for non-subscription holders is chargable).

If you later decide you would like to renew your updates susbcription, the renewal will be back-dated to the date your subscription expired.