HiTi P310 W Key Features:
  • Dimensions 186 mm(W) x 138mm(L) x 64.5(H)mm
  • under 1Kg
  • Win XP, VISTA, Win 7, Win 8, MAC OS*10.6 above, iOS5.1.1, Android 4.0.3
  • 47 sec for a 6x4 print
  • 60 6x4 prints per cassette
  • Suitable for Passport photos
  • 300x300dpi
  • Wifi and USB printing

The latest release from Hiti, the P310W is the replacement for the aging S420, and calibrated to use the new Hiti Media (Vietnamese production).

The Wifi capability enables the printer to connect to a PC via Wifi, however the unit still has the std USB connection. Wifi printing via mobile phone is also possible, simply download the app PrintBiz and print directly from your smartphone.

The Printer holds 30 sheets of paper, and the ribbon does 60 photos, with a print speed of about 50 seconds a print compared to the S420's 90 seconds a print.



The P310W is available stand alone or as a bundle with ID Passport Express Biometric passport software

This printer is well suited to a small site doing 2 or 3 passports per day. The cost of media makes this unit unsuitable for doing more than 30 passports a week.

Media Options:
  • 60 images photo paper kit
  • Cleaning kit
(All kits include ribbon and photo paper/stickers)


print speed:
60 sheets per kit
The HiTi Printers connect via USB 2, and drivers are available for most recent versions of Windows.
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