Business Professional

Retail Specialist

Business Professional is Whitech’s premium electronic point of sale (EPOS) solution designed for specific industries including photographic, furniture, fashion, jeweler and any other retail business with specific needs. . 

Besides the powerful retail arm, Business Professional addresses the core requirements of D&P, reprints and enlargements, sales, performance management of staff, stock, suppliers and accounts. With over 2000 Photographic Companies using Bpro, Whitech has created a highly adaptable software that is easily customisable to suit your Labs' specific needs. Simply put: 'Business Professional is the Photographic POS market leader in New Zealand because nothing else quite comes close.'

Bpro: Some Key Features
  • Volume Discounting and comprehensive pricing structures
  • Comprehensive Stock management
  • Customer order facility
  • Quotations
  • Tracked Stock ordering
  • Kits and Packages
  • Repair facility
  • Comprehensive customer Loyalty programs
  • D&P and Job tracking and ordering
  • Can be managed locally or from offsite Head office

Multi-site and Head Office Management

With its powerful SQL database platform large retail chains can operate in a stable environment. Business Professional contains an impressive feature set and has been designed with power and flexibility in mind.

Instant Real-time access to any store at anytime. 
Multi-store and single store businesses are able to do live real-time transfers between branches, look up branch data or treat the other branch as if it were simply another till-point in their shop. All this with the same security as Internet banking. Best suited to ADSL ( or other permanent) VPN internet connections, Business Professional can make use of even the simplest hardware such as a dial-up modem. Enabling Directors and Managers to see what is going on in their stores at any time.

Store Info online anytime
Want to check out exactly what staff member X has sold so far today? Or Perhaps you are at home and would like to check the end of day Till Close off was done correctly. A few easy clicks in Business professional, and you have that stores details live in front of you... and your store can carry on using their POS without any second thought. 

Absolute or Limited Head Office Control
Each store is treated independently, as the owner you decide on features such as 

  • Whether Head Office controls stock pricing for the store
  • Which stores are able to make stock orders, or whether all stores use HO for stock ordering
  • Whether HO or the store does month-end statements
  • Do instant password overrides for highly secure data/transactions.

Multiple Head Offices Control:
New Zealand is unique with the two Island often having different pricing for purchasing goods. Companies with stores on both islands usually have a separate deputy Head Office on the other Island. With Business Professional, the Deputy head office can have total control of its own stores only, whilst Central Head Office retains control over both the Deputy and its allocated stores, as well as other stores and deputy HO's nationwide.

Business Professional
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