Sony UP DR80 Key Features:
  • Large Print 8"x12/10" ROLL PRINTER
  • MATTE and GLOSS prints (using same media)
  • 42 (8x12) to 126 (4x8) Prints per Roll
  • Dimensions:  317(W) x 207(H) x 425(D) mm
  • Fast Printing: 65 seconds per print (8x10)
  • Weight: 11.5 kg
  • Great Value for Money. Excellent ROI
  • Front Loading
  • Windows XP/Vista/Vista 64 bit edition*
Three surface finishes are selectable from the printer driver: glossy, luster, and ProMatte™. ProMatte is especially suited to fine quality portrait prints, thanks to its fingerprint and smudge resistance. Glossy and Matt prints are created using the same media.
Media - UP-DR80

Three types of color look-up table are available to reproduce suitable colors for different applications, such as outdoor, indoor, portrait, or location.

  • Photo: Suitable for snap photo color reproduction
  • Portrait: Suitable for portrait photo color reproduction
  • sRGB: Suitable for sRGB color space

The flexible UP-DR80 features a multi-cut functionality that allows multiple print sizes to be created from the same print pack.

print speed ~65s
50 (8x10)prints per roll
42 (8x12)prints per roll
2 Rolls per box

100 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box

84 (6x8)prints per roll
126 (4x8)prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
2 rolls per box
In addition, the UP-DR80 can be connected directly to the Sony Snaplab providing the Snaplab with the choice of print sizes from 3.5x5 through to 8x12.
Copal DPB 4000 Key Features:
  • Large Print 8"x10" ROLL PRINTER
  • 200 Prints per Roll
  • Dimensions:  370(W)x 400(H)x 350(D) mm
  • Fast Printing: 40 seconds per print
  • Weight: 26Kg
  • Front Loading
  • Mac, Win 2000 and Win XP drivers
The Copal DPB4000 is ideally suited to high volume production of 8x10 prints for Events, studios etc. Being a 3rd generation Dye sublimation printer, output compares favorably with digital mini-labs, and the speed of 40 seconds or so per prints gives it a big advantage over the sheet fed printers below. Media pricing is very competitive, and quickly makes back the price difference between it and the sheet-fed printers.
Mitsubishi CP3020DAE Key Features:
  • A4 and Long Letter (8"x12")
  • Dimensions:  402(W)x 231(H)x 378(D) mm
  • 77 to 87 seconds per print
  • Weight: 14Kg
  • Sheet Feed
  • Mac, Win 2000 and Win XP drivers
The CP2030 printer is a sheet based printer using Dye Sublimation Ribbon to achieve a high quality print at an affordable production cost. It has a Gamma control curve for adjusting at the printer, and media selection. You can choose between two types of glossy/matte print finishes.
Sony UP-D70a Key Features:
  • SCSI based
  • A4 Sublimation Prints
  • Dimensions:  494(W)x 189(H)x 469(D) mm
  • Print speed:   85 to 115 seconds per print.
  • Weight: 19Kg
  • Sheet Loading (100 Sheets)
  • PC and Mac drivers available
Being SCSI based, this printer requires a PC/Apple with a SCSI interface card. However the printer is very affordable, and media pricing is relatively inexpensive.
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